Regrowing Produce

I saw this on Pinterest but didn’t really believe it… Until I tried it!!!

I grocery shop every week and spend the majority of the budget in the produce department.

Romain lettuce usually makes my list every other week during the winter months. Summer time we go through salad like crazy so it is a lot more than that.

Green Onions make the grocery list every 2-3 weeks.

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Fajita Seasoning Mix

So I made chicken fajitas last night for dinner.
I was searching the Internet for a great seasoning mix to use on the chicken. I looked at probably 5 or 6 different recipes and read the reviews. From the reviews I took what liked from each recipe and combined it into 1.

This was amazing! I’m definitely keeping this around.
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Crock Pot- Honey Parmesan Pork Roast


I find myself going in waves with using my crock pot. We are all busy but sometimes I feel like our schedule is over packed not just for a day but for a week or more at a time. My kids also like to take these times to get sick, which is a whole other ball game.

I always keep a couple of pork tenderloin roasts in our deep freezer. Pork is a great canvas for any flavor you like.

Here is one for you. It is a great comfort, fall apart tender, family meal.

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