Strawberry Coconut Cream Cake


For months I have been trying to find a cake- including frosting recipe that the whole family could enjoy. With Giada being Casein/dairy free on top of both her and I being gluten free I thought it would be a pretty tall order to fill.

Turns out I was wrong! It just took me stepping out of my comfort zone for a second and the result was amazing! Continue reading


Moist, chewy and naturally gluten free!
My recipe also happens to be dairy free as well!

I have a sweet tooth. Even when I’m dieting and losing weight every night after I put the kids to bed I find myself looking for something sweet.
Just because you have dietary restrictions or are trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in sweets.

It is all about portion control.
I actually have these little Gerber bowls that I put my kids baby food in that help me control the size of my desserts.

These macaroons are so simple- it only takes a few ingredients.
Here is what you need… Continue reading

Coconut Dream Bars-Part 2- Taking it up a notch.

I recently joined a group in my neighborhood. The women get together once a month and catch up, eat, oh yeah and we play Bunko.
This month I’m bringing some of the food. I decided one of the things I wanted to bring was the Coconut Dream Bars but I wanted to dress them up a bit.

Now because the gluten free and dairy free ingredients are much more expensive I decided to make them not gluten or dairy free. But this can still be done GFCF.

I baked the 9×13 pan of the bars.
I started by Continue reading