Autism- What did we see…

I have had a lot of people ask me what we saw in my daughter that first had us asking questions. Looking back we had issues from day 1 before we ever left the hospital.
There was constant crying that I couldn’t comfort, it almost seemed like she was not comfortable in her own skin. I used that statement to describe Giada for her 1st year of life. It sounds terrible that an infant could not be comfortable in their own skin but that was the best way to describe it.

Probably one of the most common things we hear when we tell people about her autism is “I didn’t think they could diagnose it that young… Continue reading

AUTISM- A moment of weakness: In the mind of a Mother trying to deal

Below is something I wrote a while back.
The reason I share it now is because I want people to know that these feelings are normal and if I have felt them I know others have too and it is ok!

I feel like I’m dying a little bit inside each day.

The person I am/ who I use to be is dying to make room for the new person I have to be.

Everyone asks if I’m ok and I tell them yes- but the truth is no. I’m not ok- it’s not ok!
The reason I say yes is because even though the answer is no there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to fix it or make it any better.
It is my own personal struggle that cannot be explained or truly understood outside my own head.

So I do what I do best. Be strong. Be strong for my daughter, my son, my husband, my family, for everyone, for myself and I cry in private. Continue reading

Autism: It’s very real and part of my Family

No parent thinks it can happen to them, to their child… But it happens with no explanation and no warning. It hurts! You will always wonder where or when it happened, was there something you could of done differently??? The answer is, there is no answer. That realization is probably the hardest of them all. Maybe 1 day we will know but right now there are too many variables and theories to pin point.

You can find thousands of studies saying all these different things give you higher risk factors in having a child with autism. Well in our case, with our child, we didn’t fall into those categories. Continue reading