Regrowing Produce

I saw this on Pinterest but didn’t really believe it… Until I tried it!!!

I grocery shop every week and spend the majority of the budget in the produce department.

Romain lettuce usually makes my list every other week during the winter months. Summer time we go through salad like crazy so it is a lot more than that.

Green Onions make the grocery list every 2-3 weeks.

It was only recently that I found out I was wasting money!

Next time you buy a pack of Romain Hearts- when you cut off the butt to throw it away DON’T!!!
Instead just stick it in some water. It will regrow before your eyes!
Here is the bottom of the Romain Hearts the day I put them in the water

And here is 13 days later

Same thing with green onions. Don’t throw the stubs with the little roots away. Just stick it in water and it will grow! This way you will always have green onion. Just cut off what you need when you need it.
Once it gets nicer out I plan on moving the green onions outside to the garden.

Here is the green onion the day I put it in the water

Green Onions day 14

It’s amazing! I don’t know why I never tried this before!!!

3 thoughts on “Regrowing Produce

    • The green onions I’m going to move to dirt outside once it gets nicer. The Romain Hearts I’ll have to try- it is interesting they actually don’t have any roots at least that I can see coming off the bottom (Where the onions do). So I’m not sure what would happen if I put thm in dirt… But I promise once it gets warm I will put one outside and let you know! Or if you try please let me know how it goes!!!

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