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Amazingly STRONG!
Most people think a colonoscopy is just some pain in the butt (literally) test that you have to do once you turn 50.
The truth is that is can save your life! Most do not know that colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the US.
Regular screenings are your best chances to protect yourself.
If you do not have a family history make sure to start your screenings right at age 50 unless your doctor recommends earlier.
For people like me with a large family history of colon cancer follow your doctors recommendations on what age to start your screenings.
I am only 30 and had my 1st screening yesterday. I want everyone to know there is nothing scary or painful about this procedure. It is also outpatient. So don’t let your fear of the test stop you from getting screened. Gladly my test came back fine! I will continue to get screenings as my Dr. recommends every 5 years.


So, I have almost finished my third chemo treatment…I am currently hooked up to my pump of poison and will get disconnected on Wednesday. I am happy to report that I still have my hair! I told my doctor that I still have to shave my legs, so I am taking that as a good sign that my hair is still growing!

I am 3 weeks into this crazy journey and I have decided to combine a holistic/natural treatment with my chemotherapy. While I am participating in genetic counseling and testing and believe there may be a connection, I strongly believe that environmental factors played a role in my early development of colon cancer. The holistic/natural treatment is more of a lifestyle change that will continue to strengthen my body, mind, and spirit as well as help prevent any reoccurrence of this or any cancer.

So now for a little…

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