New Business!


I decided to start my own business with Origami Owl!
Beautiful living lockets that lets you tell your story through jewelry!

Let me share my story.

I was invited to a Jewelry Bar having no idea what Origami Owl was. My husband and I had been struggling with the fact the our youngest child- our daughter was just dx’ed with Autism (she was 19 months old). I wasn’t going to go but my husband pushed me saying I needed a break to just relax with friends. So I walked across the street to my neighbors having no idea what to expect. We hadn’t told anyone about our daughter. When I got there I felt very quiet and guarded – very not like me. I started looking through the catalog and saw the autism heart. I felt myself welling up and knew I needed it. At first I didn’t want anyone to see what I was ordering. Then I decided it was hurting me more to keep it in. I knew to wear the charm and proudly support my daughter I had to take the first step. Origami Owl’s autism heart gave me the courage to share with our friends what was happening. Support came flooding in and I knew I needed to be apart of it.

Here is the locket that started it all for me!
The Large Silver Locket with a rose gold Family plate, My Husband’s, Son’s and Daughter’s birthstones, a cross and of course the autism heart.


I’m so excited to share Origami Owl with everyone!
Please visit my website to view the entire line.

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