Hanging Pictures with the help of toothpaste???

I think it is safe to say I’m a bit anal retentive when it comes to hanging pictures and them being straight. My husband will even say I’m OCD about symmetry.

When picture frames require using more than 1 nail to hang it really drives me crazy because those little bracket things are never symmetrical from one side to the next on the back of the frames.

I usually end putting the nails in the wall then having to move one because the picture is a centimeter off from being level from the brackets in the back but not anymore!

A while back I read something about using toothpaste to help with nail placement. Today I was going to be hanging 3 picture on the same wall in my newly redone laundry room and I had to make sure they were going to be straight without having to put extra holes in the wall.

So I grabbed the pictures, a hammer, nails and toothpaste and headed to where the pictures were going.



Once I knew where I wanted the picture to go I turned the frame over and put a dab of toothpaste where each nail needed to be according to the brackets.


Then I took the frame and pushed it up against the wall where it was going to be hung.
This transferred the toothpaste from the frame onto the wall. When I pulled the frame away from the wall there was 2 spots of toothpaste on the wall in the exact spots I needed to put the nails for the frame to be hung level!



This was amazing! I was able to do this with all 3 frames I was putting up.

And the result…


I will be doing this all the time now!!!

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