Naked Egg


My 3 year old LOVES science! So I try to have different experiments for him to do. I try to do a few each month. It could be something as simple as filling the kitchen sink up with water and letting him go around the house picking items, then he has to guess if it will sink or float.
Or sometimes I like to pick things that take a few days (also teaching him some patience) :-). That’s where the naked egg came into play.

Most of us have seen this one before but probably don’t remember how to do it.

What you do is dissolve an eggs shell off leaving only the membrane. What you are left with is an egg that you can see through and has a rubbery, bouncy quality to it. It’s pretty cool.

All you need is an egg- we did 2 just in case something went wrong with 1- we just happen to buy brown eggs in my house which makes then change more dramatic to the eye but any and all eggs will work
Plain white vinegar
A cup to hold it- glass or clear plastic cups work better because you can see the egg from all angles vs us from the top

Put the egg in the cup and completely cover with the vinegar.
Step back and let science do the work.

The thicker the shell the longer it will take.
Ours took about 36 hours.
If you want to help the process along a bit after 24 hours take the egg and very gently under running water rub some of the loose shell off with your fingers and change out the vinegar to new fresh vinegar.

Once the shell is gone your egg will be able to bounce and be squeezed (gently) now remember it is still an egg and can break but it is fun to see how high you can drop it before it does. We started at about an inch up and kept adding to it.

Our egg finally crashed and broke while I was trying to get a video of us bouncing it on the counter. I was paying attention to the camera and missed the egg bouncing and rolling off the counter making the 3 1/2 foot fall to its end.

Oh well we had a blast anyway!




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