Ring Around The Rosie

Ring around the Rosie- so simple yet so complex for a child with autism.
For Giada it means making eye contact, taking not only 1 person by the hand but 2 and following verbal cues.

It was a month into speech therapy. We were working on Giada’s language comprehension as always and decided to push her with a song game.
Giada is very uncomfortable holding hands but we forced her to take Debbie (her therapist) and myself by the hand and play Ring-Around-The-Rosie.

But to both of our surprise by the third round she had it down and started reaching out for our hands to play! We spend the last 30 minutes of her hour long therapy session playing.

When it was time to stop Giada started screaming. This was 1 of the first times she ever had a problem transitioning from 1 activity to the next. She didn’t want to stop playing.
When Giada calmed down it was time for Debbie to leave. I walked her to the door as I always did but for the first time when I closed the door as she left Giada started screaming again.

I was so excited! Not that my child was screaming but that she was forming an attachment to someone other than myself to care enough when they left.

The next week Giada spent probably 75% of her waking moments wanting to play Ring-Around the Rosie. I loved it! For her we really focused on the word “down” at the end. We wouldn’t say it… We would pause and wait for her to fall down before we would say it. This showed she understood what down meant.

My heart melted on Thursday- 2 days after her therapy session when she grabbed her brother’s hand and started pulling him to play Ring-around the Rosie with her! In her whole life she had never actually played with Nicholas. He would play with her and she would let him play around her but she never interacted back. But on this day she was initiating play with her brother by taking his hand! She wouldn’t look at him- but I didn’t care SHE TOOK HIS HAND!!!!! This was huge!

It’s amazing how a simple child’s game can not only make your day but make you very hopeful for the future.


One thought on “Ring Around The Rosie

  1. That is SO great! I’m so happy that you are sharing this excitement, such an amazing boost for all the potential success in the future 🙂

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