Hide the Veggie Hamburgers!

I’m sure all kids go through this phase… You hear about it everywhere. The Veggie Stand Off! My son, Nicholas is 3 1/2 years old. I use to never have a problem getting him to eat his veggies but the last few months it has been almost impossible.
I tried everything! I only made his favorites, started making smoothies but nothing really worked.

Then one day I saw something on TV about taking roasted veggies, chopping them up and adding them to a meatloaf. Then it hit me- I could make hamburgers that were gluten and casein free for my daughter and packed full of hidden veggies for my son! It was brilliant!!!

The first thing I did was roast off some veggies. For instructions on how to roasted veggies please see my previous post.
For this I used mushrooms, zucchini, yellow squash, carrots, celery and a few garlic cloves. I also added some onion powder to the veggies.

Once they were done cooking I added them to my food processor and sent them for a spin.

Once the veggies were down to fine little pieces I moved onto the meat. You can use ground beef, turkey or chicken- whatever you like. I had 2 pounds of ground beef. 1 pound was 96/4 extra lean and the other was ground sirloin 90/10. I took 1 pound and added it to the food processor to help incorporated the veggies.
Then I moved the mixture to a bowl and hand mixed the other pound of meat in.
I had a little helper who thought mixing was fun.
By this point he had no idea there were any veggies involved 🙂

The mixture seemed a little wet so where most would add bread crumbs- to keep it Gluten and Casein/dairy free I added some crushed rice chex which is a great alternative.

Form it into patties and you are ready to hit the grill!!!


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