Hand Prints that Touch Your Heart


With Mother’s Day right around the corner and then soon to be Father’s Day, I thought I would share a little craft that you can do with the kids.

It works well for any holiday and as you look back at it- you realize how fast those babies really do grow.
The picture above is 1 the kids and I made for my Husband Valentines day 2012.

But as you can tell from the picture its real simple. Trace each family members hands and cut out.
The thicker the paper you use the better it will stand.
I used regular construction paper so I had to also cut a square of paper to help stabilize the hands.
Once you have everyone’s hands cut out glue them one on top of the other- largest to smallest. Do this for both right and left hands.

Tip: if you have a squirmy child do your best just to get 1 hand and copy it twice. Just flip 1 over so it points the other way.

I wrote the name of the hand print owner down the side of each hand.
We Love You… In big dark print. You can also print text from a computer if you prefer.

Then take a strip of the same paper you used for the prints- different color to help stand out (about 12 inches long) and write “THIS MUCH!!!” On it.
Fold it up like an accordion.
Glue it to the inside of each hand print.

Simple, sweet and a great gift for any Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa or anyone else special you have in your life.

My husband has his now at work surrounded by pictures of our quickly growing children.

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