Mini Corndog Muffin Bites

Looking for a fun and easy meal for the kids? This goes over great with mine! You can also adjust it for whatever your dietary needs are.

Also if your kids are older or are interested in making these for yourself you might want to skip the “mini” and go straight for the regular sized muffins. Whatever you want will work!

Just mix up your favorite cornbread mix.
For us it is Hodgson Mill. It’s Gluten Free and I use Almond milk to keep it casein free.

Follow the directions on your cornbread for muffins with setting your oven temp.
Once you have the batter ready to go in your tins-
Take your favorite hot dogs and give them a chop.
Toss some in each muffin.

If you are using regular size muffins you will want to push them down and mix them in- otherwise they will just sit on top.

Bake according to your cornbread directions.
If you are using mini muffins start by cutting the cooking time in 1/2 and start checking. This is not an exact science. Every mix is a bit different. For me I came in at about 5 mins less than the regular size muffin cook time.

But once you have the time for the first tray you’ll know for the rest of the batch!

These are so much fun for the kids.

It’s a great recipe for them to help with.

Have fun and Enjoy!


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