Disaster in the Washer!!!

So it is safe to say it has been a crazy couple of days. I’m stressed out, not sleeping well and the thought of food makes me nauseous. Because of this I have been in a half fog for probably the last 24 hours.

The house work was slacking and my daughter was being clingy which wasn’t helping. I had called my mom to see if she could come over to help play with the kids… A.k.a deal with my daughters neediness while I tried to clean the floors.

In the meantime the plan was to bust through a few loads of laundry since it only took a minute to throw it from machine to machine, then I could fold it while Giada took her nap and I got Nicholas to sit down and watch a movie.

I started with the kids laundry. I threw the first 1/2 of it in and went back to the kids. An hour later I went to toss it in the dryer when I opened the door to the horror that would last me the good part of the rest of the day…

As I looked in the washer I saw what I can only describe as a gooey, tiny balled, lint, fluffy mess all over my washer and all the clothes that were in it. I was horrified! I had no idea what the heck had happened! It looked like the rubber back of a rug had melted all over everything.

I started ripping the clothes out piece by piece trying to figure out what went wrong, and with each piece that I pulled I started to realize that not only did I somehow ruin all these clothes but also destroyed my beautiful, very expensive HE washer. I pulled and pulled not finding anything- the washer was about 75% emptied when I saw it!!! Thank goodness I have a big house, my kids are young and they were focused on their mega blocks in the play room at the time because I let out the loudest F bomb ever! I somehow had gotten a diaper into one of the kids hampers and it made it into the washer!!!! Oh No what the heck!!!

I started completely freaking out I picked up the diaper and threw it into the trash like it was a bag of poop someone had set of fire! Thank god there wasn’t poop in it!!!

I just stared into my washer looking at the clumps of goo everywhere. I grab a paper towel and started to try and wipe it out but the goo just started to go into all the holes of the washer.

I didn’t know if 2 mins or 20 mins had passed. I left the laundry room and just went blank.
Finally I texted my husband and within 3 minutes he was emailing me info he was finding online on possible solutions.

So here is my household tip for if you ever have a diaper go through the washer:

1- empty your washer
2- run 3-4 rinse cycles
3- if any goo remains wipe out with a damp cloth
Thank God all my goo was gone after 4
4- take the gross goo covered clothes and put them in the dryer. YES put them in the dryer. Run the dryer but pause it 2 or 3 times during the run to empty your lint trap.
5- run the clothes through a 2nd dryer cycle and empty your lint trap 1/2 way through.
6- take the dried clothes and shake out. I took mine outside and shook (actually my mom was an angel and did the shaking for me while I did other cleaning)
7- run the load of clothes through the wash again
8- dry normal

I promise everything will be ok!!!!


2 thoughts on “Disaster in the Washer!!!

  1. I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you
    for your content. This article has truly peaked my interest.
    I will book mark your website and keep checking for new details about once per week.
    I subscribed to your RSS feed as well.

  2. Oh my gosh.. I think I would have freaked too! Glad you guys found a solution, will have to keep that in mind for when I inevitably put something that doesn’t belong in my washer.

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