Nicholas’s 1st Kiwi Crate


As part of his Easter gift Nicholas received a Kiwi Crate from my parents. This was perfect for him! The kid loves crafts and projects- he would spend all day long doing them if he could.

I had heard about the Kiwi Crates through Pinterest at some point late last year. I thought it would make a great birthday gift for Nicholas this year. Their website says ages 3-7 and he will be 4 in October.

The year subscription is a bit pricey $220. But I was really excited when I found out you can get 6 month, 3 month or even just a single crate. So when my mom mentioned she found a pirate themed crate I knew it would be the best way to try it out and see if it would be worth it for us.

It was totally worth it!!! Nicholas is in LOVE! This thing is fantastic and absolutely worth the money.

The crate included everything you needed to do the projects. And a lot of the supplies can be kept and added to our family art supplies. We have only done 1 project out of the crate but we already have a really nice thick pencil and 5 metallic markers (and not cheap ones either). It also came with a wooden treasure chest- that’s right wooden- not a little paper thing that would fall apart.

I’m so impressed with Kiwi Crates!!!! If you have a kid that loves projects you have to try this! You can also send it as a gift so if you don’t have kids in this age but have nieces or nephews, grand kids, or a kid that is just close to your heart I know they would love this.


5 thoughts on “Nicholas’s 1st Kiwi Crate

  1. Darn! I got all excited for a minute there 🙂 But – my DD is too old, I guess it is still off toe Michael’s for me 🙂

    Regardless, it looks like your little man really enjoyed it, and you got a little quiet time? 😀

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