Coconut Dream Bars-Part 2- Taking it up a notch.

I recently joined a group in my neighborhood. The women get together once a month and catch up, eat, oh yeah and we play Bunko.
This month I’m bringing some of the food. I decided one of the things I wanted to bring was the Coconut Dream Bars but I wanted to dress them up a bit.

Now because the gluten free and dairy free ingredients are much more expensive I decided to make them not gluten or dairy free. But this can still be done GFCF.

I baked the 9×13 pan of the bars.
I started by cutting them smaller so they are more 1-2 bites- making them a bit easier to eat since everyone usually stands around. I got 4 dozen pieces from the pan.

I melted some bakers chocolate in a bowl.
I took each piece and dipped the bottom into the chocolate then placed on parchment paper.
Once all the pieces were dipped I drizzled more chocolate over the top.

This dresses it up and makes them look great! And who doesn’t love chocolate! Fantastic for get togethers, parties, cookie exchanges, just for you or whatever you like.

Like I said in my last post about these bars they tasted just like the Girl Scouts Somoa cookies. So the addition of the chocolate makes it even more so. And for parties- add a bowl of Carmel topping for dipping.

Crazy Good!!!

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