Sugar Cookies- Gluten and Casein free of course

Cooking GF and CF doesn’t have to be hard. There are a lot of great box mixes you can use.

Sugar Cookies & Mix

I have been cooking GF for a few years now but am relatively new to Casein/Dairy free. Recently I picked up some butter replacements to use in baking. This first time I used Earth Balance organic coconut spread. Now this will give what you are cooking a coconut flavor so there are probably some times you wouldn’t want to use it. However, I thought a light coconut twist to sugar cookies sounded good.
If you are not a fan of coconut you can use Earth Balance original or if you do not have a probably with dairy and just looking for a gluten free treat you can use regular butter. This Gluten Free Dreams mix is great- telling you all the different ways you can substitute depending on your needs.
The box called for rice milk which I don’t keep in my house. I had vanilla almond milk open so that is what I used.
The one thing that came out different from what the box said was how many cookies I got. The box said yield was 20 cookies when using 1 inch balls of dough. I used 1 inch balls but got 34 cookies!!!
I find this funny because when ever I have done non-gluten free baking I always get less than what the recipe says but the last 2 GFCF cookies I have done I have gotten more than expected.
This mix is very versatile. In my opinion it makes a good canvas for any kind of cookie you are looking o make. 1 of the ingredients is vanilla but you can change this out for whatever flavor you like. I want to try them using lemon, orange and almond. It can also handle some mix ins. So if you want to add some dried fruit, chocolate, coconut whatever strikes you go for it! Just because you are baking gluten free doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. 🙂


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